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Internet-of-Things and
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We approach education and job training differently. Our courses are designed by world-recognized professionals and educators who are active leaders in their respective fields.

We partner with progressive and passionate educators to deliver that content, and to adapt it to local needs.

Our industry partners provide student mentoring and proactive hiring into paid internships or full-time positions.



Proud sponsor of the TERBINE IoT Datathon

What We Do

Microfacturing Institutes is a public benefit corporation based in Palo Alto, California. We create educational content designed by industry leaders, and are in the process of building an extensive online series of courses. We work with leading educators and license that content to be delivered by accredited schools, and help them to adapt our content to the needs of their local audience.

Our courses use on-line content for scalability and quality, coupled with expert instructors and professors for personalized learning. We create a vibrant ecosystem of instructors, industry, and Universities to continue to create new content and improve our existing coursework.

As a public benefit corporation, we work with educators who can deliver this educational experience at low cost.

We currently are operating with courses being offered in the Silicon Valley, and will begin to scale to new locations and schools later this year.

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Deliver superior hands-on learning experience with leading edge techniques and technology

Deliver superior hands-on learning experiences. We emphasize project-based learning

Use both instructed and on-line learning techniques to leverage the best of both approaches

Work directly with industry leaders to provide continuous improvement for products, services, and to update educational content

We invest in our instructors and educational leaders. Qualified instructors have multiple opportunities for personal and career development sponsored by Microfacturing Institutes.

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Directly influence educational content and student mentorship to build the next generation of product creators, inventors, users, and business people.

Sponsor - Minimum level of corporate sponsorship involves providing student mentorship via online discussion forums or to work directly with student cohorts. We expect industry sponsors to provide interviews of qualified and motivated students for paid internships or full time jobs.

Innovators - Our lead corporate sponsors work directly with Microfacturing Institutes to create new course content, update projects and laboratories, and often join our advisory board to continue to improve our offerings. Donations and employee volunteer time are candidates for a tax deduction through our charitable corporation status. 

Educational & Industry Partnerships

Our business model is to engage the best and brightest of both industry and education. We're proud to work closely with these great institutions. You can expect this list to expand in our near future.

Making Money in the Data Economy

Internet of Things Skills

Data Economy Jobs

Intelligent Lighting Class – NEW

Microfacturing Institutes Overview

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Latest Newsletters

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Read about our first class cohort in the Silicon Valley and see our video library for some of the experiences.

Asian Neural Network Engineer Uses Modern Computer With Transparent Holographic Display. Monitor Shows Visualization of a Mechanical Part. Shot in Modern Glass and Concrete Office.

We are finishing our first course track in IoT and developing our next set of courses in Artificial Intelligence and 5G Communications. Here’s what we’re up to.

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Our learners invent and deploy real products into real applications.

Here’s the first few projects.

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Our business model is to build state-of-the-art courses and to continuously invest in them to keep them that way. We typically work with sponsors and donors that are able to invest to sponsor full course developments, SmartWorld Projects, or to help with student mentorship.

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Sponsor a student class
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