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Our Mission

 Our mission is to provide learners of all ages with industry-driven, interesting, and highly marketable skills relevant to the rapidly growing fields using Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence applications 

We believe these technologies are fundamental to nearly all industries, and represents one of the most valuable skill sets in the modern economy 

Educational & Industry Partnerships


What We Do


Microfacturing Institutes Overview

Technest Program Overview (pdf)


Microfacturing Institutes Introduction (pdf)


Spring 2019 Newsletter (pdf)


Create Smart Products & Smart Jobs

Your support and contributions will enable us to develop more leading edge educational and job training content, and to reach more students of all ages.  

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How to Contribute

Employers – Sponsor a student class (contact us for details) or help to create new course content

Donors – Wire transfer information emailed upon request (contact us for details) or see credit card section

IDT / San Jose City College Partnership Video Series

Greg Waters (IDT CEO) and Lena Tran (VP SJCC) discuss the reasons and purpose of the partnership

Steven Lee (IDT) discusses why IDT SensorShare™ teaches fundamentals for the Internet of Things

Steven Lee (IDT) and Cecil Lawson (SJCC) discuss the outcomes of the IoT program

Greg Waters (IDT) discusses the next steps and vision for the program

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