1st Place - $3,000

2nd Place - $1,500

3rd Place - $500

Datathon prize winners will get paid out via PayPal. For contestants, who don't have a PayPal account, please click here to create your free account.

Datathon submissions will be judged by the following criteria:

  • Creativity/Use Case Value
  1. Creativity is the ability to think in unique ways, produce unusual ideas, or combine things in different ways.
  2. For the product to be truly creative, it must solve a specific problem, be different, and be original.
  3. A creative product can be complex but also a creative product can be simple and ingenious. 
  • Completion
  1. Entry must have a working example
  2. Entry must have a description and use instructions.
  3. Entry Inputs and outputs must be labeled.
  • Correctness
  1. Must be verifiable as a working function
  2. Must work as described and contain no functional errors.
  • Timeliness
  1. Entry must be submitted on time
  • When a Datathon contestant submits their entry, it will first be verified by staff.
  • After an entry has been approved, it will be judged and rated on IoT Creator by other contestants.
    • Only contestants with valid, active IoT Creator accounts will be able to judge other submissions
  • Datathon entries with the highest number of upvotes in each theme and category will be considered the winner for that specific theme or category.
  • The Datathon entry with the most upvotes overall will be eligible for the first prize.
  • In order for contestants to have a valid Datahton entry, they will need to rate at least 1 other contestant’s Datahon submission.
    • Contestants who submit multiple entries for the Datathon will need to judge as many submissions as they entered.

Your submissions will be judged by fellow Datathon contestants over the course of the judging period from February 22, 2021 - March 13, 2021.

To reset your password, go to https://iot-creator.org:1880/MI - this link will give you the option to change or reset your password.

To delete your IoT Creator account, please send an email to iotcreator.org@gmail.com with the subject "DELETE" and your account will get deleted shortly.

Please note that you will need to send this email from the same email address that you used to create your IoT Creator account.

IoT Creator is a 100% cloud based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and only has very minimal processing requirements on the client (your computer) side. A simple browser (Chrome for example) will handle all the interface tasks to IoT Creator.

Yes, you can use a cell phone or tablet for the dashboard user interface. However, for developing a flow, it's strongly recommended to use a physical keyboard.

Microfacturing Institutes, a non profit foundation and host of the IoT Creator Datathon has generously sponsored cloud computing and cloud storage capacity.  You can create as many IoT Creator flows as you want and are allowed to utilize storage capacity to support your flows (in reasonable limits). Please be aware of your storage and computational demands since we want to enable as many users as possible based on the storage pool donated from Microfacturing Institutes. 

If you have high computational and storage demands please contact info@microfacturingusa.org and we will make appropriate arrangements for your needs.

Contestants are allowed to use any of the Shelly products listed at https://shopusa.shelly.cloud/ as well as the following sensors:

  • Aquara Temperature, Humidity and Air Pressure sensor (requires Zigbee) : Buy Here
  • Aquara Vibration Sensor (requires Zigbee): Buy Here
  • TP-Link HS103 Smart Plug (Local WiFi, requires Raspberry Pi and Node-RED): Buy Here

IoT Creator instances are securely password-protected and make use of SSL for encryption.

File backups are periodically uploaded to hosting on AWS, and in case a file gets deleted, they can be easily restored. If you need restoration, please send a restore request to: info@microfacturingusa.org

Here are some links to page with more information about IoT Creator and the IoT Creator Datathon

  1. Join the IoT Creator Datathon Slack Channel: https://join.slack.com/t/microfacturin-wgv5412/shared_invite/zt-k932hu7m-fQAj9L906t7AXTKd2uyBKQ
  2. Email: For any additional questions, please contact info@microfacturingusa.org

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