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Datathon Submission Guidelines

Submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Creativity/Use Case Value

    • Creativity is the ability to think in unique ways, producing unusual ideas, or combine things in different ways.
    • For the product to be truly creative, it must solve a problem, be different, and be original.
    • A creative product can be complex, but also a creative product can be simple and ingenious.

  • Correctness

    • Must be verifiable as a working function
    • Must work as it's described and contain no functional errors

  • Completeness

    • Must have a working example
    • Must have a description and use instructions
    • Inputs and outputs must be labeled

  • Timeliness

    • Must be submitted by the deadline
    • Must be submitted fulfilling all the criteria above

  • User Experience

    • Must have a user interface
    • Must be intuitive and easy to use
    • Must be functional

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