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Welcome to the Microfacturing Institutes Jobs and Apprenticeships page created in partnership with IoT JobJump!  Current and former students who sign up for our Jobs program will become part of an IoT employment database that is used by leading employers around the globe. 

The MI Jobs and Apprenticeships program is free to enroll, and will be run with the assistance of LinkedIn and other established career development resources.   To register, you will be giving explicit permission for your contact information or LinkedIn profile to be shared with prospective employers.

MI reserves the right to check the accuracy and qualifications of entrants and to delete those that do not match historical records or are not deemed to meet the qualifications listed below. 

The Internet of Things, or IoT, has skill sets that are applicable to nearly every growth industry in all sorts of jobs and applications.   If you’ve built these skills and can apply them well, there’s a good job for you out there. We’ll do our best to help you find it.

In addition to our courses, we strongly recommend that you complete at least one introductory course in programming and data science.   There are many good courses in these areas, and two that we’d recommend are:


MIT Introduction to Computer Science and Programming using Python:

Berkeley’s Foundations of Data Science:


Microfacturing Institutes and the Technest program at San Jose City College are combining forces to present a new Apprenticeships program in conjunction with the Jobs program for the Fall 2020 semester.


By collaborating with the state of California and employers in various technical fields as a part of the Apprenticeships program, Microfacturing Institutes will be able to provide students with job training that will lead towards apprenticeship positions and paid internships.




To subscribe to the Microfacturing Institutes Jobs and Apprenticeships program, please enter your information below.


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The information submitted will first be confirmed by the MI staff or instructors. Once this is complete, the candidate list for internships or full-time jobs will be made available to hiring managers and HR staffs at progressive, interesting global employers who are seeking these skills.

No. Your job status and what you’re seeking is completely your own private business. We have globally known employers who are seeking the skills taught in our classes. If you register, you are giving us permission to share your contact information and your LinkedIn profile with them. Your LinkedIn profile is already public. The rest is up to you.

There’s a lot of online material on how to create a good LinkedIn profile. All of our MI Instructors can also help you with this.

If there’s a question about the information you’ve posted, an MI employee may reach out to you to clarify or confirm a few things. Otherwise it’s up to the prospective employers to make contact.

No. Microfacturing Institutes and the IoT JobJump program are part of a charitable public benefit effort. Programs such as this typically do charge a fee. If you can afford it, we encourage you to make a tax-deductible donation so that we can serve more people and help them find great jobs.